our story

Steph TobyToby and Stephanie have always envisioned living and working our daily lives alongside each other, and Bowlicious has brought that vision to life! For over 10 years, Toby has had a dream and a desire to operate a food truck, where he and his wife, Stephanie, would be able to work together and have fun at the same time. Toby enjoys interacting with people, and knows that good conversation combined with good food is the perfect recipe for bringing people together.

In 2015, Stephanie learned that she was sensitive to foods containing gluten and dairy, and so the journey of learning to create delicious, nutritious and fresh foods without gluten or dairy began. Along the way, she discovered just how many harmful and unnecessary ingredients were in most of the foods we eat, so she began to solve this problem, too.

Toby and Stephanie together noticed that there was a need for nutritious, non-harmful foods available in our community as more and more people are learning that they are sensitive to a variety of foods, such as glutinous foods or foods with harmful components.

After years of careful planning and persistence, Toby and Stephanie opened Bowlicious in Mid-Coast Maine in 2023, a place where they would showcase some of their favorite recipes that were created with love in their kitchen. 

Toby and Stephanie believe that quality of ingredients we put into our mouths is inestimably important. With this in mind, they are passionate about seasonally sourcing as many of their ingredients as they can as locally as possible — foods that don’t contain all-too-common harmful ingredients such as excess preservatives, petroleum, or possible carcinogens.

Toby and Stephanie love supporting their local farms and other mainstays of the farm-to-table community, and are proud to partner with a number of Maine businesses, from butchers to beekeepers.

They believe that good tasting food can also be good for you, and can’t wait for you to discover this for yourself at Bowlicious.